58mm kiosk printer without presenter


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58mm Kiosk Thermal Receipt Printer compatible with FTP628MCL101


  • Printer mechanism compatible with FTP628MCL101
  • Wide power range DC12~24 V
  • Full /partial cutting mode (by adjustable)
  • Multiple interfaces
  •  Big roll holder
  • Support Windows/Linux/Android OS


  1. Kiosks
  2. Supermarket locker
  3. Lottery machine
  4. Medical instrument
  5. Recycle machine
  6. Queue management system
  7. ID automation
  8. Attendance terminals
  9. Ticket dispenser and more.


mechanism: MS628MCL101
Printing method Thermal dot line printing
Dots/line 384 dots/line
Dot pitch 8 dot/mm
Paper width 58 mm
Printing width 48 mm
Paper thickness 54~78 um
Printing speed 100 mm/s
Paper feed direction 180° horizontal
Sensors Head temperature Thermistor
Paper press shaft Mechanical switch
Paper end Photo interrupter
Paper loading Easy loading
Font size ASCII:9*17;12*24; Chinese: 24*24
Power supply Logic circuit 2.6~3.6 V
Motor 4.75 ~9.5 V
Dimension  (L*W*H)  98*81*60 mm
Weight  Approx 0.45 kg
Reliability Circuit: over 1,000,000,000 pulses Cutter: over 7,000,000 cuts Thermal head: over 100 km MCBF: 37,000,000 lines
Ambient environment Work temperature 0 ℃~50℃
Work humidity 20~85% RH
Storage temperature -20℃~60℃
Storage humidity 10~90% RH
Weight 230 g
Controlling board:
Interface RS-232 /TTL
power supply DC 12~24V/2.5A
Command set ESC/POS
Barcode supported
Firmware location 2 M  NV Flash memory
Buffer 4 KB
System Windows/Android/Linux
Accessories: paper near end sensor;
Paper holding unit;
Paper bezel (paper guide mouth)
Interface connector
Power supply unit
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