How To Print receipt From Your cellphone?

if you want to print the receipt from your cellphone, you must check below demand:

1,a set Wifi or Bluetooth thermal pos printer.

2, check your cellphone’s system, if your cellpone is Android system, the thermal pos printer must support the Android system. and if your cellphone is Apple, the Thermal Receipt Printer must support the IOS system.

3, a printer App Program.

if you buy a bluetooth receipt printer, frist you should connect the bluetooth on your cellphone and connect with the bluetooth receipt printer.

then installed the printing App on your cellphone. if you know Develop the receipt printing app, that will be good for you. you can develop a new app via the SDK with the receipt printer. that will be easy to using. if you don’t know how to develop the receipt printing app, your can buy it from APP market. the good thing about this app is it can recognize shared printing options immediately and can even print a picture in larfge format.


Mobile Bluetooth Printers

Bluetooth Thermal POS Printers


What is pos printer ?

The pos printer is main used to print the receipt. such as the supermarket receipt, back receipt, restaurant receipt etc..basically, the pos printer is thermal Printer. it doesn’t need the Ribbons. just need thermal receipt paper.

Thermal Printer working

 In the cause of printing, thermal paper is inserted between the thermal head and the platen. the printer sends an electric to the heating elements of the thermal head which generate heat. The heat activates the thermo-sensitive coloring layer of the thermo-sensitive paper,

POS Printer type

 The pos printer have three type size, one 58mm width and 80mm width and 76mm width. 58mm and 80mm width is thermal pos printer, 76mm width printer is dot matrix printer, it needs colored tapes and it can support 3 copies receipt paper. Mainly, the 58mm pos printer use to supermarket,Bank, vendor etc…. 80mm pos printer use for restaurant, taxi, kiosk etc…