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What’s POS?

What is a POS? The term “POS” stands for point of sale which, in general, is defined by any location where a sale or transaction may take place. By this definition, you could easily associate it with a market, a mall or even a city since these are all places where products or services can […]

What’s the kiosk receipt printer?

KIOSK PRINTERS Kiosk receipt printers also named embedded receipt printers,it means they are widely used for various self-service terminals,such as: Payment kiosk; Information machine; Parking system; Queue management kiosk; ATM; Gas station kiosk; Ticket vendor, Multimedia kiosk; Self-service terminal and more By using the kiosks,people can save lots of time,and will be much more easier. […]

Benefits of Self Ticketing Services

Benefits of Self Ticketing Services Self service ticketing has a number of advantages. It is cost effective and there is a drastic reduction of cost per transaction as well as employee overhead required. It is a convenient option for customers because it accepts both cash as well as credit cards for dispensing tickets. The greatest […]

Mini thermal printers’ application

1.Police department need mini printers with every traffic police to challan the driver 2.Car Paking need mini printers with smart phone 3.Courier company need mini printer to print receipts for delivery or pickup 4.Sales need mini printers to print receipts for customers as proof 5.Goverment Voting need receipts.   Our mini printers can work with […]

wireless printer

Wireless printer also named bluetooth printer or wifi printer. It’s small size for outside printing application. With Bluetooth interface or Wifi module. Usually provide free SDK of Android or IOS to facilitate customer’s application development. We supply the 58mm width or 80mm width wirless thermal printer. With auto cutter for option.   Welcome to contact […]

Kiosk printer EP802

Kiosk Printer EP802  is ideal for heavy duty desktop ticketing applications that require advanced automation, remote access and security measures, such as: Self service ticketing – Cinemas, museums, concerts and stadium Transport Ticketing – Air (Boarding passes & bag tags) rail, bus and ferry Parking Stations – Pay Station Kiosks Self-Serve Car Rental receipt and voucher […]

How To Print receipt From Your cellphone?

How To Print receipt From Your cellphone? if you want to print the receipt from your cellphone, you must check below demand: 1,a set Wifi or Bluetooth thermal pos printer. 2, check your cellphone’s system, if your cellpone is Android system, the thermal pos printer must support the Android system. and if your cellphone is Apple, […]

What is pos printer ?

What is pos printer ? The pos printer is main used to print the receipt. such as the supermarket receipt, back receipt, restaurant receipt etc..basically, the pos printer is thermal Printer. it doesn’t need the Ribbons. just need thermal receipt paper. Thermal Printer working  In the cause of printing, thermal paper is inserted between the thermal head […]