What is a POS?

The term “POS” stands for point of sale which, in general, is defined by any location where a sale or transaction may take place. By this definition, you could easily associate it with a market, a mall or even a city since these are all places where products or services can be bought or sold. Traditionally, POS refers to the area surrounding the cashier or counter where payment is accepted during checkout. The term point of purchase is another way to put it.

POS System refers to the combination of software and hardware that retailers and restaurants use to conduct sales and manage inventory, employees, reporting, and analytics. It saves store owners, book keepers and sales staff time by taking care of repetitive tasks and automating manual processes. Typically, a POS system consists of a computer or mobile device, such as an iPad, a receipt printer, a barcode scanner and an EMV-compliant credit card reader. The difference between on-site and cloud-based POS’s, is the server. Cloud-based POS systems don’t need an on-site server because all your data can be accessed, saved and synced online, wherever you are.

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